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Reformation CEO's Office

Updated: May 17, 2023

I had been designing the home of the most humble, smart, and hardworking CEO around when she asked if I could help her get her office together. She happens to be the CEO of Reformation and of course my answer was YES. What an honor. Having worked intimately on her residence, we already had a short hand of what I know she would like and appreciate, making outfitting her office a breeze.

The focus of the brand is sustainability in fashion and the office had to exude the same philosophy. Ethically sourced items, reuse existing when possible, and lots if vintage. With that in mind, we also wanted it to reflect the store aesthetic - minimal, chic, urbane. And create a motivating space to be productive in.

The desk and sofa came with the office. I was cool with both because their forms were terrific and who has the patience to wait for months and months on supply chain delays these days. The only glitch was that the sofa was a terribly dirty yellow tan fabric. I knew I wanted to recover it and landed on S. Harris fabric, a legacy textile house. The performance plain is called Spice Cotton in Quartz and its the perfect dusty pink. Reupholstering the existing sofa saved money and kept it from ending up in the dump. Win-win.

The rug had to go. I opted for a large 9'x12' vintage Turkish rug found on Etsy. Similar here.

I decorated the sofa with a few pillows from Territory Design, all eco friendly and handmade.

I brought in a vintage coffee table and bentwood Bruno Mathsson chairs for midcentury pedigree to the space. The chairs can face the desk for serious conversations or face the sofa for more informal meetings. And a new linen roman shade for privacy.

The art was integral to tying the color schemes together and setting the serene yet creative tone for the space. We landed on a series by Laura Naples available through DWR as prints.

Finally sprinkle accessories like studio pottery and coffee table books along with plants throughout to make it feel more inviting and personal. I gotta say, I love this office. It feels grown up and polished yet inviting. One day my office will look like this too.

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