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Solstice Tile Launch

Updated: Jun 7

OMG, I have a line of tile with Concrete Collaborative. We developed the initial concept of the Half Moon Tile a few years ago but it always felt like it was still in its infancy. I don't think enough people realized it could be done in any color combinations and move past the initial offering of black and white. We decided it was important to create a collection of four colorways, inspired by the seasons, to show people how to incorporate the tile into any design. The Solstice collection was born.





Launching on the Fall Solstice of 9/21 was really important to me conceptually. My good friend Paige Appel offered her beautiful Riverbank space for the launch party. I was such a fun night celebrating the work that went into developing the collection.

Now that its out in the world, I'm excited to see how people use it. Here it is in the Winer colorway in the Solstice Interiors HQ Office.


han gu
han gu
Jul 02

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Jun 20

The Backbone of Economic Growth: The Vital Role of Logistics

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Trash Bin
Trash Bin
Jun 14


India, a place that is known for different societies, rich practices, and energy varieties, has forever been a mixture of imagination and development. This holds especially obvious in the domain of inside plan, where old feel mix consistently with contemporary impacts to make spaces that are both immortal and in vogue. As we step into the most recent section of plan advancement, how about we dive into probably the most enamoring patterns forming the universe of inside plan in India today.

1. Combination of Customary and Present day Elements

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