Ladera Heights II

A family of 6 bought their larger family home at the start of the pandemic. It was not their dream home by any stretch of the imagination. They had no choice but to move forward with a full renovation in uncertain times to be able to take residency. Starting the design development work in March 2020, the house  became the ultimate distraction and absorbed all of our creative energies. A heavy dose of Australian coastal modern drove the inspiration mixed with a healthy amount of natural Scandifornian tones and textures. The arches were a nod to the original 90s attempt at Mediterranean, but much much better. The kitchen and master bathroom were configured. Most everything else got a cosmetic facelift. What a difference a year can make. The completed spaces are like nothing the neighborhood has seen before and indistiguishable from the original interiors. Looking back they have zero regrets about their decision to jump in full steam ahead.

Photos by Charlotte Lea

Featured in Domino Magazine