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Kunal P.


To say Natalie transformed our home would be a huge understatement. We bought that house on the block everybody was afraid to touch, EVERYBODY. But we loved the neighborhood, we thought the house had good bones, and with Natalie's vision, we were able to see the light at the end of a long tunnel. A full gut remodel can be extremely stressful if you've never done it before. Things constantly come up, you change your mind, there is decision after decision to be made, and the amount of finishes are endless - simply put, we were overwhelmed. Throughout our project, we were able to build a very comfortable cadence with Natalie and she helped guide us on things that were even outside of her scope. She understands design, spatial planning, and construction very well and narrows down those endless options to fit within a budget you're comfortable with. She notices all the small details, ones we would never know about - and makes sure things are done correctly, even if that means ripping something out and starting over. Ultimately, we were able to transform this house into our dream home that gets compliment after compliment from neighbors and visitors, and we couldn't have done it without Natalie!

Anjali R.

Natalie was amazing to work with. From the initial proposal to the last details of the project, she was extremely professional, thorough and communicative. In an industry where contracts can be blurry and timelines are a pipedream, Natalie provided us with solid guidance, clear expectations and fast turnarounds with her design deliverables. We also appreciated Natalie's patience and ability to talk us through any concerns we had throughout the process. My advice to anyone looking for a designer would be to involve them as early as possible in the planning process. We truly have our dream home and Natalie's vision for the space made a tremendous impact.

Corey S.


Natalie helped turn my basic, mostly white, new construction into the home of my dreams, balancing my desire for an elevated space that would also accommodate my 3 small children.  She came highly recommended from a close friend and helped me with all furnishings, lighting, wall coverings, art, and decorative elements.  With a limited amount of guidance (a few pictures on a pinterest board), she was able to gauge my tastes and preferences and channel them through all elements of the house.  She continued to push me just enough so that at each turn, I ended up with something that felt like me but was unique, distinct, and something I would have never found or selected myself.  By the end, she completely got me and was able to guide me towards quick decisions that all exceeded my expectations.  She even helped with a few elements that were outside her initial scope, which I greatly appreciated.  I would work with Natalie again and again, and look forward to having more projects to do with her in the future.  

Stephanie W.

Natalie helped me furnish and design my new house from scratch.  My personal experience with design was relatively low before I started with her - I enjoyed nice things but never had a permanent house worthy of investing.  Natalie not only helped me "make a house a home" but also taught me so much about design, furniture, art, and how everything comes together.  Also, she's a joy to work with so interfacing with her is like talking to a friend (who is talented and smart, warm and funny).  


It's difficult to keep her strengths to a short list; they include:

  • Design aesthetic, judgment - simply, Natalie has great taste! A great eye for what is unique, classic, warm, and how it all comes together.  Even where we diverged, she always took my feedback and the next iteration would be more closely aligned with my personal style.  Furthermore, having kids herself, she's really great at helping consider tradeoffs between what's practical and delicate/beautiful while furnishing a house with young kids.  ;-)  You CAN have a nicely furnished house even though you have young kids! 

  • Excellent communicator - responsive, but more importantly, she's a rare breed who can articulate what's important (cut out the noise), and helped me consider trade-offs.  She's firm when she needs to be, and even when she is being direct, does so with humor (and makes me laugh).  We ended up buying around 100 pieces together, so having the right partner and decision making partner was critical!  Natalie knows when to be decisive but also when to let you linger a bit longer on a decision - the whole process could have been full of fatigue, but it was fun and easy.  

  • Great value and service - it was a no-brainer hiring Natalie - she made sure all the proportions in each room were optimized across all pieces, she took care of all purchasing, payment, logistics, and helped with returns when things didn't go well.  Her relationships with top furniture designers ensured high quality customer service, which was crucial as furniture was delayed during supply chain issues and inevitably there would be some returns that were needed.  Honestly, I started this process thinking hiring a designer was an investment, but after working with Natalie, I felt like it was a steal! 

  • Natalie has it all - she's excellent at her core craft and is a very talented designer, but all her personality traits (smart, funny, decisive, good judgment, articulate, responsible, high integrity) just makes her stand out in her industry.   I wish I had a Natalie in every other field.  

Volk Kitchen (15).jpg
Pine St (9).jpg

Jen M.

We absolutely loved working with Natalie to help furnish the house of our dreams. She was an absolute professional and went above and beyond to assist us in finding unique, special pieces that perfectly fit us and our new home. Natalie's patience and understanding were remarkable as she allowed us the time to explore various options, never rushing us into decisions we weren't 100% comfortable with.

Without hesitation, we highly recommend Natalie to anyone seeking a truly exceptional and personalized furniture shopping experience. 


She has a keen eye for design and an innate ability to understand her clients' preferences, making the process enjoyable and stress-free. 


Working with Natalie was a delight, and her expertise and dedication truly made our home feel extraordinary.

Thank you, Natalie, for your outstanding service and for transforming our house into a haven that reflects our style and personality.

Rebecca B.

After purchasing our home, with a functional kitchen in need of an update, we contacted Natalie to start planning a remodel. Quickly she got to work, pinning down major details and orders, navigating supply chain issues and delays. When we weren't sure about something, she was quick to suggest alternatives, and she was receptive to our needs and thoughts as we went back and forth over details. She is communicative and easy to get in touch with, happy to explain why something would or wouldn't work, and when we had to make changes due to back orders or manufacturer issues, she found replacements without delay. Our home had a rotating crew in and out of it for months, and we felt very comfortable with everyone who entered our home, another testament to Natalie's standards. 


Designing one's home sometimes feels like a bit of a leap of faith—you're making decisions based on small samples or swatches, hoping that the end result will be worth it. Every time something arrived or was installed, we were thrilled to have trusted Natalie's vision. Her sourcing is impeccable, and at multiple points during the design process we were delighted to see something unexpected or surprising, yet that still felt appropriate for our home. Her beautiful design accomplished everything we'd hoped for and more—a space that can host friends and family and feels sophisticated but still down to earth. 

Lisa L.

I recently worked with Natalie on our home. We had recently remodeled the house and needed help with the decor. First of all, Natalie is AMAZING. She has the best combination one could ask for in a designer - incredibly innovative ideas, sensitivity to cost, super honest and patient when it comes to clients who don't quite understand their vision from the start. I loved working with her from start to finish and cannot recommend her highly enough. She truly took my poorly described initial vision and turned it into my dream house. My only wish was that I had started working with her earlier during the construction process so she could have helped me there too! She is wonderful!

Matt C.

Natalie is absolutely incredible at her job and my experience with her was pure perfection in every way. Natalie has a beautiful vision for the overall project, is filled with unique ideas, is collaborative, ahead of schedule, up front and fair with her pricing, respects her client’s privacy, detail oriented, on budget, always available, supportive, highly organized, and very thoughtful. All of these exceptional traits that Natalie possesses combine to make your precious space come to life in a way that captures your own personal spirit. Now when guests walk into my house after my project with Natalie, they feel comfortable, calm, inspired, positive, and instantly at home. That is a credit to Natalie’s talent and her ability to turn a space into something deeply special. Natalie is born to excel at this profession and has earned my highest recommendation possible.

Elizabeth R.

So many beautiful spaces designed, and fixtures picked by Natalie. As the homeowner it’s so hard to choose a favorite space among so many beautifully designed rooms. But I do have one and came it together on the fly with Natalie’s genius and sharp eye. We changed the powder room plan and that inspired a new look and feel. In minutes tile, fixtures, sink and wallpaper, especially the wallpaper that became a homage to my mother, were chosen. I love the powder room. I go in there just to stare at how precious it is.

And the powder room is also a microcosm of the work that Natalie does. Natalie’s design ethos is inventive, fun, thoughtful, efficient, beautiful, and thoroughly livable. My remodel was not an easy one. The builder was to say the least, difficult. I couldn’t have gotten through this experience without Natalie’s support and wisdom. 


I am so grateful to have had her as the designer on my remodel. Thank you Natalie, I adore you.

Jess N.

Natalie is incredible and we would highly recommend her!! She guided us in designing our entire newly built home. Her aesthetic, great sourcing/finds/relationships in the industry, fantastic contractor recommendations, and overall hard work helped us to create a truly unique and beautiful home. My husband and I are quite opinionated and we required a lot of different needs with 2 young children; she was able to navigate what we wanted (or thought we wanted) and offer amazing, often cost-effective, suggestions. She went above and beyond the scope of the project and was truly wonderful to work with. So much so, my husband also hired her to design his Century City office. She will work hard for you and in the end, you will LOVE your home. We do!


Robert L.

Absolutely loved working with Natalie. She's a superstar. Very engaged in the project and delivered a great scheme in double quick time. She gives the perfect amount of advice but also push-back for a client's most lousy ideas... We had lots of fun furnishing a recently remodelled 3 bed house in about 4 weeks after a couple of drafts of the design. The result is really wonderfully on point. Relaxed but so sophisticated and cool. Plus so, so stylish. Her recommendations and aesthetic are first class and so easy on the eye, but she knows of great design led bargains too. Would work with her in a flash again, soon I hope.

Dave M.

I bought a new 2100 sq ft house. I liked it when I bought it. I love it now. Natalie helped not only make it look great, but make it feel more like me. She got what I was after in our very first meeting, immediately started pulling awesome ideas I loved. What she did: -Partial kitchen remodel. We opened up some walls in DR and LR for flow. New lighting fixtures, new window treatments. Full interior repaint throughout. -Layout and design of all the rooms incorporating my existing pieces and adding new ones. -Sourced, booked, and managed the contractors. (I never had to worry about this.) -Had some custom pieces built, she found the craftsmen and managed them to get everything right. (Lots of details.) -She was attentive to my many changes and requests. -She managed me when I was flakey (with grace). -She worked within my budget, was financially both reasonable and responsible. -She made everything better and was always super responsive. If you deal with contractors you know how important that last point is. In short, the work was great and it was a very positive contractor experience. I recommend Natalie highly and will hire her again.

Deborah H.

Hiring Natalie was one of the best decisions we made when we did our full house remodel. Responding strongly to her aesthetic was what interested me in working with her. Once we hired Natalie I was immediately impressed with how communicative, responsive, professional as well as immensely talented she was. While the house was being re-built she guided us in sourcing and choosing doors, hardware, tile, lighting fixtures, cabinets, bathroom and kitchen fixtures- all the myriad decisions that needed to be made but were often overwhelming. She was there every step of the way giving us creative options and ideas while being financially conscientious. Once construction was finished she worked on the interior- giving us different options for decorating the living room, bedroom, and dining room, including a source to re-upholster some mid-century chairs we already owned and a shop that custom made our sofa. It was a fun, collaborative experience of working through different iterations to find the right combinations. The home we created with Natalie’s help is warm, inviting, sophisticated, comfortable, beautifully functional and distinctly us. She was able, through some special alchemy, to give us our dream house. Working with Natalie was a joy. I highly recommend her.

Mark S.

Working with Natalie was an unexpected pleasure and crucially she provides one much needed added service which she is an expert in. I started working with Natalie literally because of a Pinterest post and we met and she sort of heard what I had in mind and over a series of meetings she pulled it together exactly as I wanted. Did I mention also it was in budget! Typically the drawings are done and you sail off to a General Contractor and largely have to fend for yourself. But Natalie has years of experience in big time project management and that comes to the fore here as she is intimately involved in the build out. No matter how small a problem she was always there to not only help but to work through the challenges with the GC. In simple layman speak there was only one change order throughout a six figure remodel and that was small and due to a preexisting condition uncovered in demo. We had a wonderful experience and now have a huge kitchen eating area wonderfully designed with great simplicity. Certainly I want to work with Natalie again and I cant recommend her enough. She is clear and always focused and what could have driven me crazy was fun and well managed. Design + Deadline + Budget = Success.

Lori G.

It's not an exaggeration to say that Natalie Myers is a creative visionary who will transform your space into a gorgeous and stylish but also comfortable and functional home. I had never used a designer before but wanted to freshen up our space and knew that I needed guidance. I wanted a modern aesthetic but one that had personality and warmth and didn't look like an impersonal case goods showroom like so many modern spaces do. Natalie and her team at Veneer listened carefully to our family's particular and sometimes tricky needs for a smaller home -- including an office area in the master bedroom -- and thoughtfully brought in a collection of modern, mid-century, vintage, and bohemian textiles and pieces to create a wholly unique, sophisticated, and chic living space beyond anything I'd imagined. They also found a way to avoid more costly built-ins in two of the rooms that I thought would need them, and were conscious of my budget throughout the process. Natalie and her associate Kaitrin were extremely patient in opening my mind to new ideas and styles and I can't thank them enough for that. The result is high-end but with a very personal and organic feel, and when people come over, they want to know how I got my home to look like this. (Even my son's friends say, "Whoa, cool room!" -- this from tween boys who don't normally notice design.) I tell them, "Call Veneer."

Maki K.

It was so much fun putting our new house together with Natalie and her team. She made what could have been a daunting task/process enjoyable and effortless. She was present from start to finish, and I feel like I never lifted a finger. Now if only I had more rooms to work on...

Volk Guest Bath (1).jpg

Jordana J.

Natalie took all my interior dreams and desires and then made everything better.  More elevated when the space needed it, more muted when it didn't.  It was a true collaboration and I was genuinely sad when the project ended -- and how many times have you heard that about home construction?

Jacqui J.

Natalie is the total package! Space planner, designer, architect all rolled into one. We hired to design and reimagine the space for a 4000 sq. foot FULL renovation of a house that had not been touched since 1978! (We kept the 4 exterior walls). We hired her instead of an architect and are we glad we did. Not only did we get the space planning and construction documents we needed, we also go her expertise on fixtures and finishes, paint colors, and tile so that each room was both functionally perfect and looks amazing to boot! Natalie thoughtfully considered each room and how we and our children would use it. Natalie is thoughtful and serious where it counts. She is also collaborative and happy to work within your design aesthetics and needs. I wanted less boho and more mid-century chic and she was happy to oblige! All told, from permits to move in took 18 months. Natalie was there every step of the way, coming often for site visits. She was decisive and helped us make final decisions so that we never had a lag in construction. Once we were three months out, we hired her again for Round 2 and her furnish the whole place top to bottom. Our house is stunning! Magazine worthy and beautiful and we get a lot of joy finally being in our forever home. If you live in LA and are considering working with Natalie, tell her to bring you by our home. We love it and love to show it off!

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