Bel Air

A 1970's Spanish home in the canyon that had lost its personality over the years. A charming family of high level executive parents, exuberant daughters, and a loving pup were excited to take on the challenge of retaining the Spanish character while modernizing the spaces to suit their lifestyle. We pushed beyond the traditional white kitchen and rustic glam fixtures inherited with the house. The original Saltillo tile was absolutely staying. Around it we added luxe touches like natural marble, plaster, contemporary tile, and compelling light fixtures. Stained existing reddish doors to an inky ebony while bleaching the dark hardwood flooring. Then we had a blast with furnishings: exploring a mix of 70s and 80s vintage, custom pieces, and unique decor. I'm obsessed with the cool girl and her vibrant family that get to enjoy the house and fill it with energy.

Featured in Domino Magazine

Photos by Jessica Alexander