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Ladera Heights Bathroom

One of my most popular bathroom is the main bath of the second project I did in my neighborhood of Ladera Heights.

It feels modern and airy, minimal and inviting. Let's break down the design elements that work together to create the effect.

First, it came a long way. Seeing the dated before photos makes one appreciate how much better it is now.

The existing skylights were fantastic and bring wonderful natural light to the space all day long. The tired wood cabinets and tile were not. I saw a reconfiguration happening to maximize the space, as I do.

I didn't see the need for two vanities. In place of the second vanity I wanted a soaking tub. And a walk in shower that was a square footprint to feel more luxurious. It was important to get the clearance between the tub and the shower door so there was room for the door swing and neither felt too crowded.

The tub ledge offers a spot for the plumbing lines to live as well as a display space and a shelf of sorts for candles and apothecary bottles.

The partial height shower wall is tiled on both sides to 48" at which point the tile changes color and direction to keep things interesting. This wall supports the floating vanity cabinet and the same 48" datum lime continues as a ledge behind the sinks (to tie into the bathroom ledge).

I "leaned" (in quotes because they are actually affixed to the wall) two arched mirrors on the ledge. The arch shape ties into newly framed architectural arches at the downstairs level. With two decorative ceramic pendant lights flanking the mirrors, with the same arch form repeated here on a smaller scale.

The materials are neutral and the forms minimal. Layered in a way to create playful interest. The final result is a light and bright architectural and Californian feeling main bath. I can see why its so popular.


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