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Let's Play: Redecorate My Bedroom

Updated: May 13

Guilty as charged. I couldn't leave well enough alone from my last iteration (October 2021). Sharing my 2022 bedroom via le blog with a decidedly European bent after our visit to France over the summer.

Gone are the post modern touches (except for the one vintage stone and glass side table because a little period mixing never hurt anyone) and a few antique elements made their way in. By way of a dresser and a gilt frame art print. I added moodier earthier textiles as well.

The bed is the Wave bed from Sundays Company. A chic slipcovered number with gravitas that can skew modern or old world. Its kind of the perfect style for this chameleon room. The art prints are vintage/thrifted.

The bedding is a mix of linens from Cultiver, West Elm, and Brooklinen. The single lumbar is the one I snagged from the Jake Arnold x Parachute collab from the summer.


Check back in with me in a year and let's see how this room changed again. I think I'm set. But that's what I said last time.

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