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Let's Play: Redecorate My Bedroom

Updated: May 13, 2023

Guilty as charged. I couldn't leave well enough alone from my last iteration (October 2021). Sharing my 2022 bedroom via le blog with a decidedly European bent after our visit to France over the summer.

Gone are the post modern touches (except for the one vintage stone and glass side table because a little period mixing never hurt anyone) and a few antique elements made their way in. By way of a dresser and a gilt frame art print. I added moodier earthier textiles as well.

The bed is the Wave bed from Sundays Company. A chic slipcovered number with gravitas that can skew modern or old world. Its kind of the perfect style for this chameleon room. The art prints are vintage/thrifted.

The bedding is a mix of linens from Cultiver, West Elm, and Brooklinen. The single lumbar is the one I snagged from the Jake Arnold x Parachute collab from the summer.


Check back in with me in a year and let's see how this room changed again. I think I'm set. But that's what I said last time.

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Betty King
Betty King
7 days ago

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Guilty as charged. geometry dash subzero


This is Sundays Company's Wave bed doodle jump. A sophisticated slipcovered gown that exudes an air of timeless elegance. This chameleon space is almost made for this design. Vintage and thrifted art prints.


c'est tres chic comme toi Natalie! and not only chic but also still cozy where you want to snuggle up and read a book in bed. i love the side table with the glass top. my uncle, when he lived in paris, had one similar.

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