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Palm Fronds - Its a Thing

You know what goes really well with the tonal neutrals of rattan and pampas grass we have all grown to adore? Its dried palm fronds. For real. Its a thing now I have started noticing and once you start...hard to stop. Yes its trendy and of the moment, but its quite inexpensive that it can't hurt to jump on the bandwagon. I sure did when styling our desert home.

It usually starts with the event stylists and florists having a vision and running with it.

1) A Daily Something 2) @wildcactusco 3) DIY dried paper version via Ruffled 4) Lane wedding backdrop 5) @nectar_and_bloom 6) @thepetalworkshop

Then it spreads to home decor. The natural foraged looked will never let you down.

1) and 2) @amanda100lc as a wedding industry insider she was one of the first in the know

Fear not, you don't have to find and dry your own, there are plenty of online sources to pay too much for these things if you live in the Southwest or Florida. Ha. Thanks West Elm, Terrain, Afloral, and Dessert Collective Co.


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