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My Mitzi Lighting Refresh

Lighting refreshes are one of the easiest things you can do (along with painting) to make wide-sweeping style changes in your home. It's easier than you think. I have found that I need a helping hand to assist with the balance of getting the old fixture down and holding the weight of the new fixture in place while rewiring.

Here are the steps:

1) Cut off the electrical power to the room you are changing the light fixture in. Leave the old light on so you are sure the electricity has been cut because it will go dark when you flip the correct switch on the breaker panel.

2) Unscrew the canopy base and it will drop from the ceiling to expose three wires - white, black, and copper.

3) Unscrew the plastic wire connector caps to each set of wires and untwist the wires coming from the ceiling and the wires coming from the old fixture. The fixture will then come away from the ceiling. Place it gently out of the way.

4) Place the mounting bracket of the new fixture in the ceiling cavity.

5) Pull the wires to each other and connect white to white, black to black, by twisting the exposed wire threads on the ends together. Then put on the wire connectors to cap each set.

6) The copper wire is grounded by wrapping it around the little screw on the mounting plate.

7) Shove the wires back into the ceiling cavity and screw the canopy securely in place while your assistant holds the light fixture up into place.

8) Restore power to the room at the electrical panel and you are set.

We added the Mitzi Cadence sconce in our bedroom (it also can be flush mount to the ceiling). It is seriously cute as a button.

In our living room, I swapped out the light fixture (again) to an airy Mitzi Coco chandelier. It made a huge difference in opening up room with the lower ceiling height and having it feel more ethereal. I like how the shape of this Coco chandelier is different than any other I have seen and has both a whimsical and midcentury feel.

The Coco chandelier pairs quite nicely with the Mitzi Liza floor lamp. It's hard to find cool floor lamps and this one is awesome. Also such an unusual shape. I appreciate that Mitzi has more modern and playful lighting styles at affordable price points. They gifted these fixtures to me but I have already pinned a bunch more styles I will use on future remodels and home updates.


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