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March Madness

Updated: May 12, 2023

March is my least favorite month. It stretches on and on while serving up the nastiest weather. I thought if I recorded the highlights of the month, I wouldn't be as annoyed with March in general. Maybe I will start doing an i-phone photo dump recap of every month?

- Los Angeles received more rain than we have seen for ages. A deluge. Daily. I know a lot of us were over it after a few days but I welcomed the steady stream of water after years of drought and appreciated the dry windows in between rain storms to get outside for fresh air.

- Project progress on two bigger homes under construction. One is a minimal new construction in Mar Vista and one is a Mod Med remodel in my own neighborhood of Ladera Heights. I loveeee seeing the progress when I do site visits and expect them both to wrap up in Summer 2023.

- All that rain brings blossoms and wildflower blooms galore. The prettiest and lushest time of year.

- Lots of lattes to fuel the site visits.

- Lots of lounging on the new Sundays Furniture Movie Night sectional sofa to stay warm and cozy during the rain storms.

- Am unearthing of a lost branch of my family tree via Facebook and It's quite meaningful and grounding to learn a little more about where you came from and sadly how much was lost to the Holocaust in Poland. I discovered cousins nearby I hope to meet soon.

- A successful photo shoot to capture completed work on the Long Beach renovation. Those are always fulfilling. Especially when the owner is an art director and helps you style her home just so.


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