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Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Who doesn't love love? A quick round up of gift ideas for your sweets because time is running out.

Heart Signet Ring / Camel Token Necklace ( but any of Zahava's token necklaces are packed with meaning and beauty) / Ruffled marble bowl for your new and old trinkets / A wood scalp massager that's actually not ticky tacky / I'm into skincare lately and am always looking for clean products that aren't a million dollars, like The Ordinary / Even better would be a quick in and out treatment at Formula Fig / Rug Cutie (I refreshed my Revival Rugs storefront with new rug selections small and large. A novel and unique gift that will be cherished for years. Make sure to use my link to get 15% off your order) / 70s color block unisex Chucks for anyone in the family / Sezanne socks to wear with the sneakers / Classic box of chocolates but make them pretty / Tinted wine glasses for the bubbly / I want this beautiful Anza espresso machine badly / Alas, I will be contented with a chunky mug and saucer instead /Candy crush napkins

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