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The Bel Air Kitchen

Speed was the name of the game when it came to the Bel Air kitchen. As much as we would have liked to take on a gut reno, my clients had to move in by the end of the summer with an accelerated construction schedule of 4 months. This meant we would keep the existing layout and boxes, and most of the appliances, but offer a cosmetic upgrade in line with the rest of the home's new style direction.

Here is where we started with the kitchen. White cabinetry with overly ornamental styled fronts, lots of chrome hardware, uninspired lights. There was really nothing wrong with this kitchen, but it didn't fit in with the either the Spanish style architecture or a modern sensibility. It was neither here nor there.

Here is what we did with the existing bones of the kitchen:

- Removed the header between the kitchen and the dining room for a bigger open space.

- swapped out the cabinet fronts to new flat slab painted fronts in a warm earthy brown-green.

- gorgeous new marble counters with insane movement that turned the corner into the backsplash (the existing marble was salvaged and reused in the bathroom).

- differentiated the zones with a pendant over the sink and a large chandelier over the island.

- new brass faucet, potfiller, and cabinet knobs.

- removed some upper cabinets and replaced with open shelves.

- added a bookcase to extend the island.

- a new panel ready dishwasher and a Wolf range to replace the existing appliances on their last legs.

To say this kitchen got a glow up is an understatement. It has a rich mix of materials and finishes with a few truly outstanding corners now. It feels warm, earthy, modern, and luxe. I'm all heart eyes.

Which corner is your favorite?

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