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Scandifornian Style

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

View of vintage Cado modular bookcase in living room

As winter kicks into full hygge mode and we are de-clutteering/minimizing our homes like fiends after the New Year, I'm very much feeling the Scandi vibes. For me, this mode of home decor will never go out of style. But I live in sunny California which isn't the first thing you think of when you picture "Nordic". I recently redecorated my living room (again). The introduction of the Article Solae Chill Sofa got me thinking about how to adapt the Scandi minimal style I love so much to the Cali-cool environment. Hence, a new style was born and I call it "Scandifornian".

Living room corner view with white sofa and plants

I'm a sucker for modular sofas. I have used high end versions and custom designed versions for client work. I wanted to try one in my own house since I know it can be reconfigured if I move it to another spot or I can add on pieces to make it bigger.

Wide angle shot of living room showing rug, coffee table, and white sofa

Shocker, I don't have the same budget as my clients. Article to the rescue with original modern furniture designs I am really into that are well priced. Many of my clients are hesitant to order such a big piece without seeing it in person in a showroom. I get that and am keen to try products out for myself first before recommending them to clients. The good thing is that with Article they have a system ready to go where you can order online and return anything within 30 days for a refund. A low shipping fee of $49 for most items. And the delivery team were enthusiastic and happy to be there.

Detail of sofa arm stitching

I'm happy to report that my low profile modular Solae chill sofa is really well constructed with raw seams on the Belgian performance fabric. Very pretty. Article's lookbook played with the clean lines, light bleached oak, and fresh neutrals of typical Scandi style but with pops of pastels in unexpected and fun ways. Which practically begged for a deep dive into the minimalist world of Scandinavian design to find my own way to interpret the look. Simple design that is inspired by nature and meant to improve daily life. Negative space helps bring the room's function come into focus with cozy, comforting accents to keep the room from feeling to stark.

Two modern sofas facing each other with rattan chair

Starting with a blank space, carefully considered furnishings are brought in. We have the mimimalist plywood daybed I designed that means a lot to me, the new Article modular sofa, and a rattan lounger from Hati Home that embodies the boho chic spirit of Los Angeles.

View from living room to front doors painted yellow

I added back in plenty of pillows and the Beni area rug for the comfort factor. New houseplants to connect the room to nature. And left the windows uncovered to bring in the sunlight. Scandi notes can be found with the light wood flooring, wood daybed, and low wood coffee table. I have one throw blanket in the space, and its a well chosen reversible wool blanket from Norden. Black and white windowpane screams minimal and Nordic perfection to me.

Detail shot of shelves

I took a hard look at the wall unit shelves and decided to de-clutter there and create more balanced black and white vignettes to tie into the blanket and rug.

Detail shot of coffee table

The final accents are a shout out to the California and my personal style. More greenery in the form of cacti, ceramics from a local craft fair, a new gifted book, thrifted treasures. A mix of modern pillows and those made from vintage ethnic textiles. Along with sheepskin throws. Is is Cali? Is is Scandi? Who knows. I love it.

Detail shot of coffee table styling

View to rattan chair from coffee table

How can you see yourself adapting this look in your home? Does it work? I would love to hear your thoughts.


I really like your design style of this house. Everything is perfectly coordinated down to every detail. doodle baseball


Monica Martinez
Monica Martinez
May 02, 2021

So beautiful! I love Hati Home chairs. Do you have a cat? I'm wondering if they are cat safe?


um yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Can you point me in the direction of that wall shelving system?

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