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Burgundy is Blowing Up

Updated: May 17, 2023

This color caught me by surprise. I believed myself to be a hater of maroon. Let me explain because hate is a strong word. There are a lot of blocky stucco buildings from the 80s and early 90s scattered throughout LA whose trim was painted a bland shade of maroon way back when. It has since faded to a depressing shade of light maroon that I can't stand. But lately my eyeballs have been seduced by maroon's way sexier cousin Burgundy and slightly dangerous Oxblood and I'm shook. I will always be a white, wood, beige, and saddle leather loving designer. Those elements are my neutrals and ALWAYS look good. But I'm starting to realize how a dash of burgundy or oxblood folded into the mix could look spectacular as well. The deep warm color also blends in perfectly with the more trendy rusts and blush pinks we have seen lately. It would also look amazing with brass and chocolate brown. Yum. Now I have to convince a client that this color deserves a spot in their new home. Any volunteers?


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