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Three Lovely Home Stores in LA

Updated: May 13, 2023

Big box online shopping is very convenient. But if you aren't careful and source from online sources only, your home will start looking exactly like everyone else's home. Lacking personality, it may start to look like a catalogue. Boring. To remedy that, designers are hired to source unique pieces to mix into the fold and make each project feel bespoke to the user. There is no better way to do that than by visiting local showrooms to find those special accents to make a room shine. I'm sharing three spots local to Los Angeles with you today that highlight vintage and crafted goods with a specific point of view. I will share more of my favorites spots in future posts but let's start with:

A sunny charming shop featuring vintage midcentury and newly crafted European wares. It feels like a breath of fresh air to infuse a house with the spirit of a sun soaked Cote d'Azur holiday.

Next up is Martin & Brockett which is a showroom and a design studio with an eclectic mix of artistic decor, contemporary design, and antiques. An elegantly curated collection that feels like being in the mind of an artist. Splashes of unexpected colors and materials weave their way through the showroom to make for a delightful visit each and every time.

Last up in this round is the freshly minted Expert showroom. An online experience with a small brick and mortar showroom in LA. By appointment only you can see refurbished vintage pieces and furnishings designed by Jake Arnold that are made to order in your choice of neutral fabrics or COM. An out of the box shopping experience than your typical design showroom.

Happy treasure hunting.


Choose furniture and combine them to decorate your home to make it unique and bring European trends combined with classic and personal touches. foodle



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