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Project Spotlight: Venice Kitchen

A light kitchen reno is a very satisfying thing indeed. If you can save the flooring and the base cabinets while breathing new life into the space its a win win. Less waste, less expenditures, and the feel of a brand new kitchen.

I was able to do just that with the Venice Beach II kitchen. It wasn't bad. It really wasn't. But it felt a little dated and dark. It didn't mesh with my client's taste. They were willing to spend what it took to give it a cosmetic refresh.

The front of the peninsula was a boring maple with two wine coolers. My clients aren't big drinkers so these were removed.

The maple kitchen cabinets were in good shape along with the appliances. They could be painted.

The upper cabinets were removed and a new countertop and backsplash was planned.

Here is what we did to lighten and refresh the kitchen.

The front of the peninsula was tiled and a bread proofing drawer was installed in the wine cooler cavity. I also had the electrician add two pendant locations over the seating area to define the space.

Beautiful natural marble countertops were installed instead of the dark stone. I took the opportunity to extend the overhang by 12" to create the seating area along with a waterfall edge detail.

An unlacquered brass faucet with a modern sink were installed instead of stainless steel to add a luxe touch to the area.

Along with painting the cabinets, old hardware holes were patched and new brass hardware was chosen to compliment the circle motif in the backsplash. White oak floating shelves instead of wall cabinets to show off the pottery and dishware. Also, a white linen Roman shade to soften the matte black window frames. We did build out the drywall hood surround instead of the stainless steel vent.

Lastly, a vintage Turkish rug for texture and pattern on the wood floor. Voila. If you want to read more about the kitchen, it was featured in Domino.


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