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On My Radar: Antique Tapestry

Updated: May 17, 2023

I'm just a surprised as you that I'm leaning into antique tapestries after a few miserable childhood visits to museum where I was bored out of my skull looking at said antique tapestries. But LATELY, seeing them paired with modern furnishings, a light bulb moment happened where I realized they add that worn romantic layer to rooms that could feel cold. I'm on board!

Living Room by Crystal Sinclair / Brooklyn Designer Showhouse by Chused & Co / Bedroom by Ashe & Leandro /Bedroom by Arnett & Pyke / Dining Room by Chused & Co /Living Room by Adam Charlap Hyman/ SF Decorator Showcase by Heather Hilliard


As dreams are portals to other realms, each dream contains its own unique universe

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I like the classic motifs on antique carpets, it has a classic style, creating a style for the house that combines classic and modern. geometry dash subzero


Adelina Wilson
Adelina Wilson
Jan 03, 2023

Dreams are the story and images that our minds create while we sleep. They can be entertaining, fun, romantic, and sometimes different. Can you know what it means when you dream about your crush? People have their own theories of dream meaning about your crush we have mentioned several variations of crush dreams and their meanings. Each dream has its own universe and message since dreams are doorways into other dimensions. Everyone has a different theory about why people dream about their crush, but we've previously discussed a few different types of crush dreams and their effects.

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