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Mug Shots

Updated: May 12, 2023

I discovered Sandbox Ceramics through my client at the Ladera Heights Aussie Coastal. We used them to style the spaces and they were such a great fit for the aesthetic.

Since that time, if you have been following the incredibly creative and skillful ceramicist Petra of Sandbox Ceramics, you may know that she has a series of tile inspired mugs. She works off of photos of designers' more inventive tile installs and translates them into mug designs. She has done tile mugs for some of my fave designers (KLH, Abbie Naber, Alima Deneke) and now she did two (!) based on my work. Happy Day.

Its such a cool process to see how she takes the still photo image and converts it to a 3D mug. Who could not love the backsplash from the Venice Canals kitchen backsplash. And how she painstakingly recreated it as a mug is a thing of beauty.

And on top of that, she took on the olive and bone cement tile color blocked bathroom tile from the Bel Air Cool Girl Spanish Modern and turned that into a mug too! Amazing.

I'm dead. She only made two of each along with a few other original designs and her drop happens this Saturday March 11. Sign up for the newsletter to get first dibs. One of us should get our claws on these beauties.

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