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Inspired by: Cy Twombly

Updated: May 17, 2023

Having recently visited the Cy Twombly exhibit at the Getty Center, I was delighted by their success in connecting his modern work from the mid 20th century with ancient Greek and Roman mythology, architecture, and texts. He was fascinated by all things ancient having spent decades of his personal and professional life in the Mediterranean among the ruins and artifacts. I left the exhibit captivated by his art and also glimpses of his apartment in Rome.

Which got me thinking, how do we incorporate rigorously ethereal aesthetic into our day to day. It is achievable through a bare color story, a mix of patinaed European finishes, antique decor, modernized profiles, and edited artwork for a look that's just so. I'm into it. Gotta love museums for getting our creative juices percolating.

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