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An Eye Catching Feature Wall

Updated: May 17

Here's an idea beyond painting, wallpapering, or paneling an accent wall -> install tile!

Seriously, why not?!

Its an amazing way to add interest and texture to a wall, like I did here with Zia Tile's Cotto line of modern terra cotta tile. A modern way to bring an earthy element to a room. Especially a memorable guest room for visitors.

It makes sense if you have a small space to add interest too without spending to much money on materials and install labor. Yes, I do recommend hiring professional installers to get it just right.

Enjoy your gorgeous tile. Oher sources you may be interested in: Tabitha bed, Xavier Morrocon rug, Plaster side table, Accent pillow, Fawn bedding,Terra Cotta Duvet, Sheet

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