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Noteworthy 25

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

Deep into winter mode over here on the West Coast -- winter being rainy and grey. No complaints here. Only a good excuse to wear sweaters and cuddle on the sofa under blankets. And down time to pull together my latest notes.

Grid showing images to illustrate each point in the post/

1) This black and white Brooklyn bathroom is giving me all the feels. Its quirky yet minimalist. That's a hard balance to achieve. 2) More integrated tile counters. I promise I'm not trying to make this into a thing. But I'm noticing its a thing and it could be cool. 3) The latest kitchen by @designxwood is making a splash across Instagram and I can see why. 4) Jessica Kraus just sold me on an indoor swing 5-6) Every detail of every room in Elizabeth Roberts latest Cobble Hill townhouse project is genius. Every detail. 7) I recently ordered this affordable white outdoor shower for a beach project and I think it will look rad on the white stucco exterior. 8) Kiss dipped hex tile -- what a great name. And look. 9) I'm dying over the sidewalk score of the century by @sketchfourtytwo. Can you imagine finding two pristine Mario Bellini leather loungers up for grabs?!


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