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Noteworthy 23

Its a Friday. It was an emotional week in California. First the mid-term elections. Then Thousand Oaks specifically was hit with a double whammy of a shooting and a fire. Just terrible. Let's focus on the good stuff and make the upcoming holiday season that much more meaningful by appreciating our loved ones and holding them extra tight. On that note, distractions are good on a Friday which brings me to the next Noteworthy post in the roster. Just simple good things.

1) Playing around with mural wallpaper installs for a couple of projects brought me to this black and white beauty called Polermo from the Pattern Collective. It didn't quite fit the clients I presented it to, but I can't stop thinking about it. It may end up in my powder room soon. 2) Kristi Head, an amazing LA artist I have been following for a while, has a new collection of prints available through Poster Child Prints and I was thrilled to get my hands on one of the first ones. 3) Did you catch William McLure's home tour on the new Maryn? Its the right chic mix of eclectic styles and I like the new direction this site has taken. From shopping to editorial. 4) I'm feeling the grid of framed minimal sketches. Is this the gallery wall of 2019? 5) Apparently this key hook DIY was blogged about in 2015 but its new to me and I think its ridiculously cute and lovable. 6) I'm not sure why I love this concrete basin sink so much but it makes me smile. 7) All the right cozy tones for Fall via @tintaluhrman Instagram account. 8) This bathroom by Tobias Partners is giving me all the feels. Of course its in Bondi Beach, the epicenter of cool. 9) A ceramics studio sale in LA on December 8. I scored last year with Heather Levine Ceramics. The good news is she doing a pre-sale online 11/23 so be near your computer that day and jump on it.


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