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Noteworthy 18

First published June 16, 2016

Happy Friday. In LA, we are expecting a heatwave and it really does feel like summer now. No more waking up to June Gloom grey skies and waiting for it to clear out after lunch. We have been waking up to sunny happy clear skies and I'm in a summer head space. A collection of the latest goodies on the interwebs.

1) This e-design bedroom for Ava Styles by Decorist is amaze balls. It makes me want to redo my bedroom, again. That bed. 2) That's my kind of minimalist zen meditation space, too bad its in NYC. 3) I'm slightly obsessed with the 3 ladies behind Three Birds Renovations. Best friends who started a flipping business together in Australia and seem to be having a blast doing it. Pink bathroms are becoming a thing again. With clean lines, light woods, and paired with copper or matte black fixtures. As seen in bathrooms 4) 5) and 6). 7) A super interesting shelving design 8) Backyard patio goals for summer lounging 9) I want to go there. It could be LA but its probably Morocco.  At least I can buy a rug or two from Tigmi Trading


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