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Chic Parisian Inspired Hotel Room

Updated: Oct 13, 2018

One of my career goals is to design a boutique hotel. Every time I stay in a new hotel, I take a precise list of mental field notes about what they got right and what they could have done better. I call it research. Besides comfort being paramount, the location is very important. The more the design of the hotel relates to its environment, the more meaningful it becomes to the guest as a destination.

When I get to design that boutique hotel, the surroundings and how they effect the interiors will be the first thing I study. The chances that it would be in a European city are beyond slim that I figured these beautiful hotel rooms in the Hotel Doisy (1-2) in Paris can be analyzed and applied to your home. Because why shouldn't your actual bedroom feel like a boutique hotel every night?

Hotel Panache in Paris (3-4) says it all. It has panache to spare. Wouldn't it be fun to infuse your own bedroom with Parisian chic? But how do you pick and choose just the right elements to get that look? Luxe materials like marble, brass, and velvet with cheeky touches of wild wallpaper and caned headboards. Minimal palette of black and white with some warm pinks and rusts thrown in for good measure.

Rebelwalls Jungle Land wallpaper mural as the main accent behind the CB2 Bobila caned bed. Marble side tables with articulating brass wall sconce on each side if the bed. Bedding is key along with a really good mattress. Its a personal choice but you know I'm partial to linen so why not go with a mix of Morrow terra cotta and fawn French linen. And blush velvet accent pillows on top of the made bed. A dark pin stripe rug underneath to balance out the feminine energy and withstand foot traffic. My one splurge in this room would be the Kelly Wearstler Fairfax settee because its just too perfect and I can't find something with the same flair for less. Once you splurge, you can balance it out with an cheaper geometric side table. I really love this bedroom. I think it nails the inspo pictures but is more me. It would work in a lot of urban settings. Who is going to pull the trigger on this combo and send me your install photos?


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