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Valentine's Day Gifts 2023

Updated: May 13, 2023

I like Valentine's Day. Not as a romantic holiday per say, but as a day to make the people you love feel loved. Friends, kids, partners, yourself! I put together a gift guide for the fun of it. These are the things the creature comfort loving homebody that I am would appreciate to receive and give, understanding some people's Valentine's days are more splashy and glamorous than this selection.

For the self lovers and romantics: Wave Coupe glasses for drinking natural wine in with dainty plaid napkins on your lap.

Cozy Earth leisure wear set (use code NATALIEMEYRS40 for 40% off!) while you read a book of poetry by glow of the Pairie Lamp.

For the home: All this wine drinking and poetry reading in leisure wear should absolutely happen on the comfiest couch of all time, the Sundays Co Movie Night sectional. Bundled under a Jenni Kayne Sonoma Throw. Accented with a blush Astor pillow and plaid Madison pillow duo. Art is my personal love language so you can't go wrong with a Jennifer Daily art print.

If all else fails, a genuinely written sentiment will move mountains. Don't forget the card!



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