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Interiors Forecasting for 2019

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

I called it with my predictions from last year here and here. I'm going to challenge myself to spot the major trends in interiors for 2019 too. Let's check back in one year to see if these trends will stick or not.

Stone Everything

Luxury kitchens and baths are dripping with natural stone -- from counters to back splashes to the ceiling, and hood surrounds, sinks, and even drawer fronts. I am finding so much inspiration everywhere for stone applications. Stone slabs do not run cheap and then there are custom fabrication costs, which makes this trend one for the luxury home. But we can all drool collectively, right?

Photos of different modern stone backsplashes in bathrooms and kitchens

1) Kitchen by Nicolas Schuybroek 2) Kitchen by Arjaan De Feyter 3) Piet Boon Brutal Kitchen 4) Arent & Pyke kitchen 5) Tara Kantor Interiors shelves 6) Bathroom by Studio Estata 7) Bathroom via Yatzer

Tiled Countertops

I know a lot of you will push back on this one because you have terrible memories of 80's kitchens with enormous grout lines. I have been seeing the creative use of square tiles as counter material that continous to the walls and I'm not mad at it. The secret is very thin grout lines and it could work as a statement making modernized countertop look.

Photos of different tiled counter installations

1-2) D Tile created this very cool new product that allows you to get quite playful with your surface formations. 3) bathroom by CMK Architects 4) Bathroom by Yellow Cloud Studio 5) Tanya McKenna's kitchen via In Bed

Caning Continues

I seriously love caned furnishings and I'm happy to report caning is not going anywhere. In fact, the trend is growing in strength beyond simple chairs and side tables. Its spreading to sofas and beds, lighting and cabinetry. Keep the natural texture coming in all things home.

Examples of caning in current furniture designs

1) Built in cabinet by Kyal and Kandra 2) Le Redoute sconce light 3) Partition via Architectural Digest 4) Banquette in the Alex Hotel by Arent & Pyke 5) Headboard via Varpunen

Those are the biggies I see coming in hot for 2019. What are you guys noticing?


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