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Happy Thanksgiving 2016

First published November 18, 2016

A little early on wishing you a joyous Turkey Day, but we are about to depart on our first international family vacation traveling to Tokyo, Japan this weekend(!) with the monkeys. I will be checked out on the actual holiday and wanted to wish you a beautiful, peaceful meal with your loved ones.

I had the opportunity to team up with my girl Phoebe Chuason and The Citizenry to create a luxe boho modern holiday tablescape. This is for a another separate collab that will probably come online while I'm gone, so I will tell you all about THAT after I get back. Lots of players to make one holiday table come to life, LOL. I didn't want you to miss out on some incredible tablecsape inspiration for your own holiday table. From my table to yours, let me tell you a little more about it.

You may have noticed my dining room got a some sparkly new pieces to show off - new Marcel Breuer dining chairs, layered with thick sheepskins to keep your bum warm in the winter season, and the beautiful prints by Amy Bartlam. These make for a simple modern backdrop for the stimulating table decor.

This decadent holiday table represents my version of organic modern. The organic part is derived from the muted colors and sumptuous shapes of the gourds and fruit, air plants, with natural wood and stone elements worked into the mix. Nature is brought in with plentiful cut peppercorn and olive tree branches used to decorate the table top and hang from the light fixture above.

The modern element comes from the restrained monochromatic color scheme of muted natural creams and contrasting dark green and ebony tones. African mudcloth sets up the monochromatic black and white base. I mix in the patina of small vintage table top items with the crispness of new angular dishes and servingware provided by The Citizenry. Beautiful clay dishes and gorgeous wood boards handmade in Ireland. This mix offers a high end look that feels earthy and accessible.

The luxurious golden brass accents help to keep the minimalist color scheme from feeling cold or uninviting. These are the same concepts I apply to my interior finish schemes to create a consistent experience. 

Every shot by Phoebe Chuason is beyond delicious I couldn't resist posting as many images as I have. I hope your meal is as yummy as this California cool table looks. Happy Thanksgiving. Even with all the shenanigans going on around us politically, we do have so very much to be grateful for. 


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