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Dishware for Open Shelving

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

You did the deed and installed open shelving in your kitchen. Now you feel like the chipped white plates you were using aren't doing your home justice, but you don't know where to start the search for upgraded beautiful dishware. I have had my eyes on some killer makers for a while and happy to share those sources with you.

For this Beverly Hills kitchen we tapped Jess Diab Studio to create two sets of dishware. She was super cool to doing custom glazes for us in the colors we wanted. She lets you think outside the box and get creative if you work with her.

Heath Ceramics is always amazing and they have a few palettes of pastel colored glazes you can mix and match. We used them as the place settings for the most recent Santa Monica project.

Dying over Norden's minimalist tonal palette that is lovely for mixing and matching blacks and whites.

If you like that earthy style but are looking for warmer tones like clay and brown, look at Eastfork Pottery's sets.

I recently discovered Haand ceramics when I admired a mug of theirs through an Instagram story and the maker's wife reached out to direct me to the source. Gotta love IG for connecting people. Their dishes are playful and inventive.

I love me Atacama Home for a collection of both basic and graphic handmade black and white plates. Solid and robust.

Some updates for you in 2019

I'm loving the concept behind Our Place - everything you need to sit down for a nice meal with the people you love. A simple and beautifully humble set to make it easy to have friends over a cook a simple meal together.

Hawkins NY Shaker Dishes have a handmade quality and layer so well together you choose different tones.

Have fun shopping.


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