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Beyond "Basic" Black Bathrooms

Updated: Sep 15, 2018

First published May 2, 2018

When I think of black bathrooms I think dark and gloomy and bachelory. I must have seen too many 80s "before" bathrooms and black porcelain toilets. Ugh, shudder. But lately, I have completely changed my outlook. Black bathrooms can be organic, inviting, bright, and hella interesting. Point in case below.

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Looking closely at these winners I have cracked the code of what makes these bathrooms successful and not scary.

  1. Texture -- notice the floor to ceiling tile is alive with a tactile surface that moves the eye and reflects the lights. It is not a uniform boring surface. Also consider Venetian plaster for variations in tonality to add into the mix.

  2. Black stone -- it provides more natural texture as well as variation and movement. Look at soapstone, basalt, and black marble.

  3. Brass and copper accents to warm up the space and keep it from feeling too bachelory.

  4. A wood vanity cabinet to brighten the space. White oak, beech, or ash would be nice and light.

  5. No black porcelain. Don't underestimate the punch provided by classic white porcelain against the black base. Procure a white tub and sink and you are golden.

  6. Plants, vintage rugs, large mirrors will make the dark space feel cheerful and full of life.

Cheat sheet: Belgian reproduction tile, white oak cabinetry, thin brick tile, basalt tile, brass faucet, brass sconce, mirror, black marble (Nero Marquina), vintage tribal rugwhite tub, planters


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