Status Update at Veneer Retreat

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

We spent the winter planning and then executing the interior of the Veneer Retreat and I'm happy to report its complete. Inside. For all of you wondering where we stand. The 3.5 month pace was respectful considering I was managing the project from 2.5 hours away and our builder had 15 other projects cooking, along with a baby on the way. He finished the interior a day before the baby was born (phew). We were able to stay there last weekend and put together a short list of the items still needing attention. I will walk you through what was accomplished. Where we started, where we are at, and what's left to do.

Buena Vista kitchen and bath design board

Buena Vista bathroom design

I didn't stray too far from my initial vision but I did change some lighting and the bathroom layout at the end to make it more universally accessible as a walk in shower.

BEFORE: Flipped cabin living area

I loved the fireplace from the start, but couldn't stand the laminate floors and corrugated metal ceiling the flipper had installed.

BEFORE: kitchen with orange ceiling and gray walls
The orange ceiling and granite counters had to go, but the charming vintage metal cabinets were staying.

Wes Rush got to demolishing the awful finishes in early November. And correctly finishing the walls and ceiling, sanding and polishing the concrete floors, and rebuilding the bathroom from scratch.

PROGRESS: demo begins
Demo started and the island blocking the main space was removed

It was an ugly mess for a solid stretch there.

Progress shot revealing popcorn ceiling in living room
Removing the ceiling panels exposed popcorn ceiling we would need to smooth

I was over prepared, having tile and plumbing fixtures at the site way ahead of it being needing to be there. I like to plan ahead but some would say I was overeager.

kitchen construction progress photo

The exterior paneling on the inside of a bedroom had to be upgraded to actual drywall. What were they thinking?

Bedroom before picture with exterior siding on wall

The other bedroom wasn't bad but I wanted to clean up the crooked quarter round trim all over the place and update the electrical.

Second bedroom before picture

The bathroom went from pitiful to a pit of despair.

Bathroom photo post demo

We had so many plumbing issues with this wammer jammer. From garbage pipes, which I predicted, to a surprise septic tank that needed to be replumbed to. Anyway....

Bathroom photo down to the studs

But then the walls get smoothed, the floors get buffed, and everything gets painted. It feels like a very big change has happened.

Dyywall up in the bedroom and ready for paint

The main room painted white.

Freshly painted living room

The bedroom walls were straightened out, smoothed, and painted. Along with new floor base and door hardware.

Finished middle bedroom

The kitchen was prepped for tile and a new counter top, sink, and faucet.

Painted kitchen

The kitchen got the incredible Concrete Collaborative terrazzo slab counters and patterned Aimee LaCalle Paseo tile backsplash.

Kitchen with new counters and tile backsplash

The bathroom was tiled with beautiful Ann Sacks Mason field tile and Ann Sacks Savoy Arrowhead mosaic tile on the shower floor. It all feels appropriate and right for the house.

Tiled bathroom progress

By the time we came to visit last weekend the inside was broom clean and we could start to enjoy the pretty spaces.

Completed kitchen with faucet and vent hood

Can you believe they never had a vent hood over the stove? Luckily after my Zephyr Designer Retreat, I realized the grave importance of having one and was able to install a powerful and stylish black Zephyr Anzio hood over the existing white stove. So much better.

Finished kitchen with vintage runner rug