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A new build house was revamped to add an artistic layer of California cool vibes for a New York family. They would be using the house as a vacation home and in turn granted Veneer Designs total creative license and project execution oversight. Magic happens when the designer is trusted completely and granted the opportunity to bring her vision to life unhindered. Every corner of every room has been lovingly and thoughtfully detailed. The kitchen and bathrooms were updated and artisan makers were tapped to add a bespoke feel to the furnishings and decor.  The house now carries a unified earthy geometric look throughout each room. Completed 2020.


Photography by Marisa Vitale

Featured in Domino Magazine  and Lonny Magazine

Venice Kitchen
kitchen corner
view from entry.JPG
view into living room.JPG
BenteXVeneer Venice (12 of 21).jpg
BenteXVeneer Venice (10 of 21).jpg
BenteXVeneer Venice (11 of 21).jpg
BenteXVeneer Venice (17 of 21).jpg
master suite.JPG
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