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[MATCH~HD@#] Kawasaki Frontale vs Guangzhou FC Live Stream (AFC Match) Today 30 April 2022 AFC Match Stream Today Guangzhou VS F Rontale : Preview of AFC Champions League 2022 Football (link to watch live football)




Competition: AFC Champions League 2022 Group stage Group I second leg Matches: Guangzhou FC VS Kawasaki Frontale

Guangzhou FC, the third-placed team of the Chinese Super League last season, performed in the AFC Champions League last season. Badly after losing six straight matches, holding off at the bottom of the group stage, scoring 1 and conceding 17 goals as the club decides to send youth players to compete in a full set

By this year, they still send young players. Under 23 years old, come to compete in this program again as usual. Before starting the field by losing to Johor Darul Ta Sim in a mess to 0-5 on Friday last.

For the availability of the team in this game, 41-year-old Zheng Zhi, who plays as both the head coach and the player. Leading the Chinese youth football team to compete without foreign players This game prepares to send the best players to the field.

Kawasaki Frontale, the Japanese J-League champion last season, had to be heartbroken in the last 16 of this tournament. After losing on penalties to Ulsan Hyundai 2-3, the situation in the league this season They are leading the table with 6 wins, 2 draws, 2 losses, before Frontale's most recent AFC Champions League start with a 1-1 draw with Ulsan Hyundai. injury time last friday

For the availability of the team in this game, Toru Oniki may adjust the army in some positions. Because there is a continuous kick program by "J" Chanathip Songkrasin, captain of the war elephant army. Which has not been named in the team for 3 consecutive matches, may have the opportunity to debut in the Asian Club Cup battle with a foreign team for the first time along with other core that is still perfectly fit Ready to enter the field in unison, whether it is Miki Yamane, Shoko Taniguchi, Kento Tachibanada, Masinho Barbosa, as well as a good shooting star such as Leandro Dami Yao

Guangzhou FC ranked 3rd in the Chinese Super League, the result of the opening game of the AFC Champions League 2022, lost to Johor Darul Taksim, the team from the Malaysia Super League battle, the host of this group. 0-5

Ready in this game, Zheng Zhi, 41-year-old young coach of the team as a player. And was appointed as the player in charge of this set of players to play in the AFC battle. Champions League Most of the squad are young players under the age of 23 and are all Chinese players. As for the hopeful players, there are Guo Chen Ye, Hao Jin Guan, Xin Yang.

"Dangerous Dolphins" Kawasaki Frontale, a four-time J-League champion team who ranks 1st in the 2022 J1 League, their first game in the AFC battle. The 2022 Champions League picked up one point from a 1-1 draw with leaders Ulsan Hyundai in the K1 League.

Availability in this game, Toru Oniki, the team's manager may choose to adjust some positions. Because there is a frequent kick program, may see Chanathip Songkrasin, the Thai offensive line, get the opportunity to play. After being without a name for 3 consecutive games in all items, Akihiro Ienaka, Yasuto Wakisaka and Leandro Damiyao are ready to help the team.

Game analysis: Guangzhou FC, a team from the Chinese Super League, China with a former AFC champion degree. Two Champions League titles in 2013 and 2015, but this season they have chosen the team's youngsters as their main competition. As a result, the strength is inferior to all teams. It can be seen from the first game that Johor Darul Taksim defeated the Malaysia Super League team 5-0.

Kawasaki Frontale was almost defeated in the first game. Because they hit Ulsan Hyundai, a strong team from the K-League battle

[MATCH~HD@#] "Kawasaki Frontale vs Guangzhou FC" Live Stream (AFC Match) Today 30 April 2022

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