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The Cons of Homework: 4 Main Reasons

Homework and assignments are a common factor in every student’s life nowadays. Students are forced to buy assignments online because they face challenges in handling the extreme pressure by themselves.

The situation is the same in all the disciplines. Hence, when students look to buy online essay help. However, a group of educationists have put forward the idea of whether homework and assignments are worth the pain or not. They also believe that students must be encouraged to maintain a work-life balance from their childhood. Read along to know the reasons behind their idea –

  1. Homework encourages a sedentary lifestyle

The academicians argue that playtimes are equally important as spending time in the classrooms. If the children spend too much time inside the classrooms, that may hamper their natural social development. Children can also pay better attention in their classes if they get enough time to keep themselves engaged in other fun activities. Sitting for long hours with homework can lead to a sedentary lifestyle, leading to chronic health issues like obesity from an early age.

  1. Homework isn’t healthy in every home

There is a popular belief that homes are a haven for students to do their homework. But not all homes can provide a healthy environment for that. Many parents are working professionals; hence, they look for everything from nursing assignment help to chemistry assignment help they cannot invest any time in their child’s homework. There can be personal barriers, which create tension between the child and their parents.

  1. Homework adds to the list of full-time jobs

Schools are like a “full-time job” for the students. They spent almost 6-8 hours in a school every day. Apart from their regular classes, they also need to manage extra-curricular activities like music, dance, and art. Since these activities are demanding, they find themselves drained of energy to think of any other creative endeavours. So, in a way, homework prevents self-discovery and honing new skills.

  1. Homework doesn’t guarantee success

There have been many surveys to see the connection between homework and student success. However, there has been no concrete evidence to back up such a claim. In fact, it’s been noticed that students often cheat and copy things on the internet while doing homework. Hence, that never adds to the knowledge addition of the student.

A student may buy assignments online and finish their homework as well. Hence, it never concludes that homework is the cornerstone for instant success.

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