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Work From Home

I have been working from home for a long time in my home studio. It suits my day very well. Or it did until we added my husband's home office and my children's homeschooling into the mix. Its a nice big space, but now it feels more like an open office bullpen with distractions like other people's Zoom calls and snack breaks constantly distracting me. I also find myself sitting for longer stretches of time now that I'm not stepping out as often for school drop offs and pick ups and site visits and client meetings.

I let things go for the first few months of this new set up but it all got pretty messy and I started dreading sitting at my desk. I could barely focus. A good purge of miscellaneous papers and no longer useful material samples that had been growing in piles was a nice start. Then I added a few very pretty and motivating accessories.

A monitor stand to raise the level of my screen so I wasn't hunched over as often seemed important. The bentwood maple stand from Grovemade brings a human touch to the requirements of the tech heavy work I do. I also added a Grovemade leather desk pad to define my work space and because I'm sucker for tan leather that will weather over time (and protect my wood desk top). I also added a sheepskin to have my task chair feel more cushioned and supportive.

To my right are all the pretty little things. A brass tray to keep pens handy. A candle to burn for soothing scents. I can alternate that with a Vetruvi oil diffuser. And plants near the window for my eyes to take a break from the screen with greenery.

To my left, my notes and a cup of tea or coffee always. I start with coffee in the morning and transition to matcha green tea with honey throughout the day. I like using a tile sample as my coaster as a small way to test that material's performance and keep me connected to current projects.

Let's hope I can keep my desk this handsome and neat to stay focused. I put together a quick cheat sheet if you want to steal the look for your own home offices.

1) Room and Board Rowan Desk in maple 2) Grovemade maple monitor stand 3) Grovemade tan leather desk pad 4) Meelano office chair in brown 5) Vetruvi diffuser in terra cotta 6) Revival Ceramics The Eight planter and stand black/black 7) Midland Shop JK Ceramics mug 8) Kate Lester Home No 1 Candle

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