Wallpaper Accent Walls for the Win

First published October 13, 2017

Do you know that wallpaper is one of my absolute favorite installs to do. There are so many incredible patterns out there these days that I'm constantly itching to try them all. I used to be quite fearful of wallpaper - its expensive to buy and install. Its a permanent commitment, unlike wall paint that you can easily update at the drop of a hat. What if the pattern is overwhelming in a room? What if you get sick of it? What if it looks like you gift wrapped your own box of a room??? But after I figured out a little trick, I'm smitten with the possibilities.

What is that trick you ask --- its doing only one accent wall. That way you aren't blowing a ton of cash on rolls and rolls of wallpaper. And if turns out you made a mistake in the pattern or color you chose, its much easier to redo one wall than 4.

Also, doing one accent wall with no windows or doors on said is actually a pretty easy install. The labor isn't super expensive to do one wall or you can try it yourself. 

Installing on one wall also creates a focal point to the room - whether it becomes your headboard wall or the wall against which you place the sofa. It attracts the attention your main piece of furniture deserves.