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Trending: Line Drawings

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

Lately I have had a thing for minimalist line drawn art. The black and white simplicity gets me every time and reduces the noise in a space where there are a lot of other colors and textures, but you do want art. I'm noticing I'm not the only one. From line drawn art prints to home products, there seems to be a desire to simplify.

Paddington Inn restaurant interior

I think it must have started with this breathtakingly neutral install in Sydney's Paddington Inn. The line drawing art by Christiane Spangsberg steals the show in the gorgeous space and started me thinking about this new trend.

Different line drawings for purchase, linked in the text

Let's be honest, Pablo Picasso mastered and popularized this minimalist art form in the last century with his line drawings. There is nothing wrong with modern day artists taking a cue and creating their own contemporary versions. I have been following Christiane Spangsberg ever since on Instagram and she is amazing, but her prints are not attainable. There are a few options for affordable prints in this genre. Peace from Chasing Paper, Woman Waiting by Frederic Forest, Close art print from Society6, and Pinky Swear by Explicit Design.

Line drawing themed home goods linked in the text

I'm loving that companies are going beyond the printed paper to tactile home products as well. There is the Henry flat weave rug from Aelfie, amazing ceramics and textiles from LRNCE. I need this H&M Vase. Fun Portrait wallpaper from Murals Wallpaper and Femme fabric (& wallpaper) from Drop It Modern.


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