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Three more 2018 Trends I'm Really Digging

First published January 16, 2018

Hey there, did you catch my insightful opinion on matte black over on The Citizenry blog today? They did a great round up of top designers and top 5 decor trends to come. Which reminded me of three more I have lately become obsessed with.

I surprised myself with how into Tadelakt bathrooms I am. I stems from my deep interest in organic modern design forms and I would love to try it out on a willing client soon. Tadelekt is formed from lime distinct to Marrakech in Morocco. The natural pigmentation and hand stroked quality created a uniquly white washed earthy finish. Kind of like plaster or concrete, but better! I'm adoring the seamless surface and lack of grout lines from walls to floors to countertops. Its both timeless and primitive looking while also feeling like the next step in modern design forms. The minimalist forms with black fixtures and wood notes are to die for. 

Matte black plumbing fixtures are the best for giving a space an edgy kick, but what I am feeling excited about is matte WHITE plumbing fixtures too. It feels younger and fresh to me. I'm about to do a house with one of each so we will see which gets your vote as the winner.

I have a soft spot for olive hues. Its always been one of my favorite colors and it compliments an earthy neutral palette so well, along with brassy accents. I have been seeing it more in a deeply saturated installments - walls, cabinets, ceilings, tile and its great. Really great. Maybe it feels a little Old World to me? I want to find ways to make it feel more New World. Betcha I will in the year to come. I have wanted to paint our guest bathroom in olive since we move din but the white walls are fine for now. I'm thinking more though....


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