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The Veneer Designs Guide to Rugs - Part 3

First published October 28, 2017

This installment is by request and its all about layering rugs. When people see my work they tell me, "I should start layering rugs like you do". I never thought that was something particular to me, plenty of designers do it, but maybe I do it a little too often. Is it a signature move? More like a trick.

I use this trick when I have one rug that is quite special but too small for the room. Tada - make it look bigger and more formidable by placing it over a neutral rug.

Or a big rug that's a good piece but maybe has a stain or hole in the middle that needs to be covered by a smaller rug.

Some rules I follow to make it not seem crazy:

  • pattern with neutral - never pattern on pattern, usually the neutral underneath. Two patterns will make it seem too busy and like you live in crazy town. A neutral acts as the frame to the art of the patterned rug.

  • Soft/thick with thin/scratchy - the soft on top obviously, whether that's the thick one or not. Two thick rugs together become a tripping hazard with their combined heights.

  • No rug pad. Two rugs is enougfh, You will not need an additional pad beneath.

Its not rcoket science and easier than you think. Try it and see if you like how it looks in your home.


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