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The Tomboy - Outfit to Room

Who is kidding who. I always have and always will be the Tomboy. It doesn't matter how many pretty dresses are hanging in my closet, I will always reach for skinny jeans, leather booties, and layer it with a chunky sweater and denim shirt. I call it the uniform since the many versions of this layered look always feel right and give me confidence.

The Tomboy likes layered shades of blues, olive greens, blacks, and greys. Saddle tan leather and yellow ochres warm up the scheme and keep it from feeling too harsh in her living room, no fuss in her bedroom. To get the look: Modular lounge, cognac leather pillow, Adjoukrou pillow, with an architectural Morrow wood side table framed Iceland print, all over an Avo cowhide rug


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