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The Social Distancing Guide

Day 3 of our grand social experiment is proving to be trying already. I realize how much I depend on the small daily social outings and interactions to stay grounded, along with the planned get-togethers and play dates that bookend our weeks. I put together a little list of items to make your social distancing a drop easier and help support the companies that depend on us to keep doing what they do.

- The world has become obsessed with toilet paper and although I'm not personally making the connection between bowel movements and Coronavirus, but Reel is a wonderful environmentally sustainable company that delivers to your door. Bonus. They currently sold out (obvi) but when they restock, consider buying your TP from them rather than the big box stores. Grab a stylish Swedish concrete and birch wood TP holder from Port of Raleigh for the rolls you have been hoarding.

- I assume cold and flu soap from Midland Shop is good for boosting healing and immunity against the virus too.

- Burning a candle daily will calm us all down. I have this Kate Lester Signature candle and its heaven.

- Did you know Public Goods is a life saver right now? They have a wide selection of earth friendly cleaning products, kitchen staples, and personal care products delivered to you.

- All the cool kids are spending their indoor time perfecting their bread baking. Now is as good of time to start as any. Bring on the carb-loading with a bread-making cookbook. Then serve your beautiful loaf on a wood cutting board covered with a Jenny Pennywood tea towel. I bet you enjoy it more that way.

- Drink all the calm tea to stay healthy in a cheerful dot mug

- Keep yourself and your children sane with this wonderous book called Early Riser Companion

- My Everspread weighted blanket has helped get me through the night sleeping deeper. I highly recommend it to help quell anxiety in these anxious times.

- I'm finding circles reassuring and a new pillow by Kesslyr Dean to dress up the sofa we are spending a lot of time on will do the trick.

- A soft throw to cuddle in


Let me know if you find this guide helpful/cheerful and would like to see more with similar suggestions.

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