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The Earthy Babe - Outfit to Room

You will see this ethereal and minimalist version of a bohemian mama strolling the streets of LA more often than NY. She is effortless, her clothes are loose fitting. Its a more attainable look that feels natural. Less steps to pulling it all together with ease. I like it on my body as much as in my own home. Don't we all.

The ethereal earthy babe is cool with less stuff, better made. Vintage is fine, rattan is key. Linen, wool, and wood create the neutral color scheme. I hope she invites me over for a cup of tea in her dining room and we would move to her living room for deep life talks.

To get the look: a jute rug under a rattan chair with a natural stump side table. A Noguchi Akari light hangs above. Accented with a terra cotta planter and framed Clifftops art print. I can hang in this room all day every day.


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