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The Beverlywood Master Bathroom

Updated: Oct 13, 2018

Wall Faucet bathroom detail

You may have seen my latest project on MyDomaine recently. It was a big one. We started in September of 2016 which makes it 2 years old. We really finished last Spring but by the time its photographed and goes public another few months goes by, which brings us to September 2018. There are so many good spaces in this house and no real place to start, so why not the master bathroom? It is one of my absolute favorites. A quiet modern luxury, in contrast to the home's showier public spaces. I love it for that.

Midcentury modern master bathroom

There are a lot of rich details here but its hard to tell what's going on from the photos since the bathroom is long and narrow. The design drawings will make more sense to you.

Master bathroom floor plan

Master bathroom elevation

Master bathroom vanity

We tried a lot of configurations and this was the layout that made the most sense for the space. My clients gave me the freedom to completely change plumbing locations (that adds an expense) and steal space from the adjoining master bedroom. I'm not sure why but as soon as I walked through the house at the initial meeting, I knew that this bathroom just HAD to have a raised platform for the tub and shower. I wouldn't let it go and I'm glad. It adds a unique and luxe element.

Master bathroom floating tub and dimensional tile

Let's start with that insanely gorgeous dimensional tile. Its from the Made collection at Ann Sacks. I like that you can configure the geometry any way you like - circle, half circle, pin wheel, whatever...and pick the glaze. Each designer's version ends up being unique. We picked a delicate flannel glaze which gives the space a hint of color. The builder was extra careful about spacing the tiles just right to avoid cuts when possible and I adore him for that. Check out the niches and the attention to detail.

Master bathroom walk in shower

Originally we were going to do a marble floor but decided it would be too busy with the tile work. Instead, we swapped that out for a solid 12"x24" floor tile that matched the blue grey tones in the wall tile.

Master bathroom wet room

I like having a step up to the wet area with a seamless transition from tub to shower. Look ma, no curb.And no shower door. Simply a glass shower guard. Its an open, spa like feel. We had to go pretty small with the tub since we only had a 66" niche. I specified a 60" tub to give it at least 3" breathing space on each side. Cozy.

Master bathroom floating vanity

The custom floating vanity is made from walnut (for midcentury authenticity) with a long continuous floating shelf to boot. Brass details, brass wall faucets, and sconce lights floating on the mirror that goes to the ceiling take it to the next level. You may have also noticed I am fine with mixing chrome (midcentury specific) and brass (glam) fixtures throughout to keep it lively.

Master bathroom built in make up desk and linen closet

On the other side of the vanity we have a little make up desk and linen closet. We totally maximized the space here to give it the feel of a much larger bathroom. And then slight touches of boho to give the modern space its own unique personality and texture.

Get the look: Made tile, Tolsen faucet, Elsa stool, Pearl sconce, Ottawa knobs, always check out Etsy for vintage runners first before buying new, toilet


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