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Take Me There: Summer Edition

We are not taking any international trips this summer break, but I see people's FOMO feeds and I imagine the quintessential sun soaked European countryside vacation. It looks a lot like this: slow living, olive trees, cooling lime washed plaster walls, stone floors, white linen dresses, quiet siesta plazas, lazy afternoon naps. Not this year, probably not next year, but one summer. Let's make a vision board, shall we.

1) Cucumbi Portugal guest house 2) Moroseta Villas in Puglia, Italy 3) Brunch on Chestnut

4) Casa Vogue 5) Filanitx, Spain renovation via Home Adore 6) Amanu via Cupckakes and Cashmere 7) The Jaffa Hotel, Tel Aviv 8) Maison Kamari, Paros Greece

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