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Style Cues for 2017

First published January 2, 2017

This being the first Monday of the new year, let's look at style cues to come. I don't like to say trends because when you are investing on refurbishing and renovating your home you don't want passing trends. You want to spend money on elements that feel contemporary, unique, and timeless. These are interior design elements we will be seeing more and more of in 2017.


Dark forest green and Black Forest green are the answer for designers who love using charcoal grey and navy blue as kitchen cabinet and accent wall colors. If you feel like everyone and their mother is using dark grey and dark blue, dark green is a fresh alternative. It looks fantastic with white oak floors, pastel colors, and brass hardware already a mainstay in contemporary interiors. It feels different than every other home. I already have my sights on it for a new kitchen in Nichols Canyon this year.



If you are sick of Hollywood Regency and feel like you have seen it everywhere lately, then a new round of Art Deco revival is for you. Defined by bold geometrics and ornamented geometric patterns, it celebrates luxury and the machine age. You will see it in furniture with the use of lush velvet, channel tuftinga nd curvy shapes, and brass frames. In wallpaper and tile with strong linear patterns. To be honest its too glam and maximalist for my tomboy style, but I'm sure there are plenty of you out there who are excited by this chic development that you will see a lot of in upscale European hotels and restaurants.



After all those open shelves were installed, we realized we needed beautiful pottery on display to fill said shelves. A collection of vintage 70s pottery, new handmade studio creations, and wooden vessels look just right in modern open kitchens. I have to say this is my favorite home design trend as I gravitate to the earthy, organically shaped, and bohemian collection of pottery vessels. Its easy to pick up a unique piece here and there and they provide functionality while elevating daily use to a ritual.


What developments and style cues have you noticed taking shape in the new year?


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