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Side Door Spruce Up with KILZ

This post is sponsored by KILZ® Brand but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

There are many home projects I invite the professionals to come and complete. I know my limitations. But one area of DIY I will confidently tackle is painting. Painting walls, painting limewash, and now painting exterior doors. For this KILZ-sponsored project, I decided to try the beautiful Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines® paint line & KILZ® primer for my somewhat neglected side door to bask in the glow of the attention.

A trip to my local Ace Hardware to ogle at the selection of colors. They are all beautiful in a reserved manner that it was hard to choose, but also I wasn't too worried. Every shade is well curated that I knew no matter what I picked, it would work well. I was aiming for a sage green to compliment our Black Green exterior. Ilana insisted on Sour Apple and I happily obliged.

But first, PRIMER. Every paint project starts with primer. It's easy to convince yourself you can skip over it, but applying primer makes such a big difference to make sure the paint looks more consistent, has a smoother sheen & cleaner color, and will be more durable in the long run. The KILZ® primer is low VOC and dries so fast, you really have no excuse not to use it. Since I was observing some moisture damage on our exterior door, I knew the Primer was a necessity to protect the door and extend its longevity after I painted it. I used the KILZ 3® Premium Primer for exterior use because it provides a mildew resistant coating to moisture prone areas.

After the door was thoroughly primed, the moment of truth. That initial touch of paint in real time is quite nerve racking but from the first drop I knew it was a big success. It's a sumptuous inviting green. I'm smitten. The paint went on smoothly and richly. Also low VOC.



I spruced up the door in no time. I took the opportunity to replace the hardware with new matte black entry lock, a new woven doormat, and plants. This side of my house feels a lot more loved and energized thanks to KILZ®. No project is too small for your attention and every project is worth it.

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