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Scandifornian Holiday Gift Guides

Are we doing this? Is it that time of year already? It seems like everyone simply wants to have something great to look forward to and start early doing it. I put together a round up of some lovely items to get the gift giving ideas flowing as we head into the holiday season. Starting with items for her - your friend, your wife, yourself. Ok, fine, secretly I want all of these items under my tree and this is the clearest way to get the message across. Nudge nudge.

Gifts for Her

Sometimes we don't want to share and we want pretty things for the sake of having pretty things.

1) Something that has become clear from the pandemic and election experience is that we are all linked, quite tightly, to one another. I adore how the Lumos curb necklace honors that concept. 2) Layered with a personalized Amaya heart necklace, you have one perfect holiday gift. 3) the gift of art is fool proof and you will get unique points for gifting a kinetic sculpture. 4) and 5) I collect home decor books and these two latest releases are hot on my list: Made for Living book by Amber Lewis and Live Beautiful by Athena Caldrone 6) Digging the dimensional Puntos wall hanging 7) Who could argue with a ceramic Ojai candle. 8) Definitely a luxury Cashmere tank and cardi set she will thank you for. 9) I have found only one linen jumpsuit by Rachel Pally that will fit any frame just right. 10) These Biarritz Pajamas are hilarious. They are embroidered with "Wake me up when I'm famous" which seems fitting for social media obsessed generation. 11) KLastly, I have been using the Drunk elephant kit for a few months and its a wonderful collection of clean beauty products that come in gift ready kits.

Gifts for the Home

Sometimes we want pretty things for our home that we don't dare to buy, but love it when someone thinks to buy it for us.

1) a Gourd basket is epic and a foolproof styling item. 2) I'm a collector of

cutting boards and wouldn't mind two more in my kitchen to style on the counter.

3) A cozy throw blanket for watching Netflix on the sofa 4) a clay mixing bowl set

5) a Dove throw blanket looks cool on the foot of a bed or even as a wall hanging 6) More art with the ethereal Color Cloud print and 7) super cool Shape Of It All print. 8) A very sweet set of Rose placemats 9) I neeeeed a Seagrass pitcher and tumblers for getting my tabletop to the next level 10) I adore the thoughtful touch of a ceramic soap lotion dispenser in a bathroom. 11) I have never seen anythig quite as Calicool as this Palm View Bath Mat

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