Our Guest Room Reveal

Updated: Oct 14, 2018

First published July 28, 2018

We finally have a lovely guest room worthy of the rest of our Bedford home. It was totally serviceable for the last year - a white freshly painted blank box at the back of the house with wood floors and our old queen bed. No matter what art I hung or bedding I used to make it feel more special, it just wasn't anything to write home about until....

...Tempaper came onto my radar. They have been around for 10 years, hence their Halo collection celebrating the milestone, so you would think I would finally get around to giving the product a shot. LOL. The Halo pattern is a nice mix of midcentury inspo with a contemporary feel, which felt right for our house. The Coco and Sand color is a good neutral for me too. I have a hard time committing to one color or style in my own organic modern house. 

I knew I would be installing this myself, so I was a little hesitant to get started. Knowing that if it came out an utter disaster I could easily peel it off without having to prep and repaint the wall was a plus. One wall was all I could handle. You already know about my love of wallpaper accent walls. 

Here were my takeaways from installing the self-adhesive wallpaper:

  • You are nothing without the right tools: the plastic putty knife for smoothing the wallpaper as you go and getting it to stick to the wall. And a boxcutter for trimming. My install would have been a nightmare without these two basic tools.

  • The hardest part of getting each panel going was lining it up just right at the top of the ceiling. Tempaper marked which was the top of each panel which was nice. I still had a hard time. But once I got it placed correctly and the top 6" secure to the wall, the rest of the panel was easy. Literally, a peel and stick method.

  • The material is super forgiving. I made a lot of mistakes and kept peeling it off the wall and resticking it in sections and it was not a problem. Once I smoothed it in place, it's like it never happened. 

  • Go slow. Rushing will cause wrinkles, even if you think you got it and can speed up. 

  • Walls are never all perfectly straight so live with the imperfections. Pick one side to be straight and expect the other side to not line up perfectly. It's OK.

I'm really pleased with how the install went down in 4 hours or so. Now there is a focal point to the room in a way that creates dimensionality and interest. I can stare at it for a while. I hope my guests will feel a boutique hotel type experience now instead of being stuck in the afterthought room. 

Besides the star turn of the removable wallpaper, I layered in organic textures typical of a Veneer project in equally cozy grey tones. A grey linen duvet set, Rug & Weave sabra silk pillows, and a dark Kufri lumbar pillow in front for contrast. At the foot of the bed a Rug & Weave pom pom wool blanket (on sale) over a vintage rug. The rug brings in some color - rusts, tans, and navy blues found throughout the house.

Above the bed was the perfect spot for the latest moody vintage painting I acquired. I have had the antique Indian trunk for ages and its currently being used as a nightstand. Oh the life this trunk must have led. Currently, it is home to a bedside lamp, a candle, and a water mug.