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One Room Challenge - Week 7

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

There is only one week left and even with the more generous time frame, I'm feeling the pressure to pull it all together sooner than I would like to.

The garage is looking so much better. We epoxied the floor over the weekend with a home kit called Rokrez. It required a lot of work in advance to prep the concrete slab floor so that the epoxy would adhere to it. If we were hiring professionals I would insist on grinding the floor, but since this was a DIY version we chose acid etching. The floor needed to be power washed before that even. So many steps. The actual epoxy application was very easy. The chemicals are activated by mixing them and then you have 2 hours to apply the thick paint-like mixture with a roller before it hardens. We split the garage floor into 4'x4' patches and got to work efficiently. I trimmed the edges while Alec rolled the epoxy. He was wearing special sandals to avoid slipping. As soon as the patch was rolled, we sprinkled the flecks like confetti into the surface to create traction when you walk on it. Then we had to wait 5 days for it to cure.

The finished surface is thicker in some places and thinner in others (we had a learning curve to figure out how to distribute it evenly) but overall its a huge improvement. Huge I tell you.

Back in Ilana's room (remember, the star of the show until the garage stole her thunder) she begged me to paint her closet doors. These doors are trash. A terrible product that has fallen off the tracks in every bedroom. Since I plan to replace them soon I didn't really care. She must really be missing school badly because she insisted on schoolbus yellow. I hate it so much. Its not remotely my taste and I did an unmotivated job slapping it on. But you know what, it makes her happy and that's how I view some deign decisions that clients insist on and I don't agree with. They have to look at it every day. I can give my opinion but ultimately its their space. This is really the last thing for her room. Now to style it before the grand reveal.


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