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One Room Challenge - Week 5-6

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

This week is actually a week 5 and 6 because last week the Black Lives Matter movement caught on fire across our country and now the globe. Our little rooms seemed trivial in comparison. We went quiet to allow the real issues to be amplified. Some of us also took a step back to learn about how we have unconsciously contributed to racism in the design community by willfully being colorblind. I have started a list of talented BIPOC designers and makers I would be happy to share in another post or DM me. For now, let's jump back into Ilana's room progress.

I knew it would be a quiet week or two once the mural was painted. I'm waiting on furnishings and decor to trickle in so until I can properly style it and do the grand reveal, the main excitement is over for now. I found the Ikea Malm bed on Facebook Marketplace since the bed we had hoped for was not going to happen due to Covid related factory delays. I didn't have the heart to buy a new bed and take part in the disposable furniture industry. Reusing a "like new" bed I had in my shopping cart feels better to me. I was intent on painting it, but I must say that Ikea's wood veneer game has stepped up in the last few years. The ashy veneer felt lovely, not plasticy, to the touch and we decided to keep it as is. This is the interim furniture arrangement. You can see the Apt 2B glam dresser making its appearance. In the end, Ilana insisted this is the location that she wanted the bed placed and I'm on board (even though you will notice its different than the original layout).

Since we set up the full size bed with the Tuft & Needle mattress and linen bedding, there is room for Rain to sleep with Ilana and you can find one or both of the girls here all day and night. They are both very happy about the new arrangement.

I was still hankering to paint a piece of furniture when I realized I can salvage this rusty wire chair I found in the garage. With a fab profile, I knew I could breathe new life into it with a can of spray paint. First I used sandpaper to get as much of the rust off as I could. Then I wiped it down. A few thin coats and a full can later of almond-colored spray paint, voila - a new to me chair that will end up in Ilana's room as well.


Yes, the garage! I found the wire chair because we decided to add the garage to the ORC challenge scope with the longer time allowance and the fact that Ilana's room was too easy. We have hated the dark and dusty garage since the day we moved in, but had never had the motivation to tackle it. Until now.

Our garage has these very cool breeze blocks along one wall facing the street, but that's all that's cool about it. We cleared out the boxes we never unpacked from moving, leftover building materials from our remodel, and cans for recycling that we had been saving (why?). A hauler took it all away and Alec went to work demolishing the janky wood shelves the previous homeowner had left behind.

And emptied garage is a beautiful thing (currently the things we will keep are on our driveway and its a little embarrassing). But now onto PAINTING it white.

Better. The pegboard back wall isn't amazing but we will cover most of it with new and better storage. Alec is taking on epoxying the concrete floor as a DIY next week, so we will see how that goes. And then putting it back together by the end of the ORC.


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