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One Room Challenge - Week 4

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

This week I conquered the mural wall and light install. After this, it will be smooth sailing to the finish line. This week made it very clear to me that there was no way I could tackle a bigger project without the help of a crew. Dreaming up an install and actually installing it solo or with a team of help are very different things. Good thing I can drag this out over the course of weeks because otherwise it would be hard for me to make this happen.

Picking up where I let off last week, I opened up small 1 quart cans of paint and outlined my shapes of peaks and valleys by hand with a fine brush. Then I used a small 4" hand roller to fill in the shapes. And went over the outlines with a brush again to get the cleanest line I possibly could. Ths process was time-intensive for sure but it was also nice to have both my kids sit with me and watch. They were fascinated and slightly impressed with my painting skills which they had no idea about.

The landscape lower portion was feeling a little blah until it was time to bring in the sun. I was nervous about getting the circle perfect and large enough until had an "aha" moment and thought to trace a hula hoop. I outlined it with the paint brush and only then let Ilana have a hand in coloring it in.

Here we are with the final graphic wall. The circle really pulled it together.

Some tips I thought worth sharing about painting rooms in your home:

  • Calculating how much paint you will need is a burden. 1 gallon will cover 100 SF, one quart will cover 50 SF. With two coats of paint. You don't want to over buy but running out of paint when you need just a little bit more is the pits. I buy more than I need and save it for touch-ups.

  • I prefer the fabric dropcloths to the plastic. They have heft to them which means they won't shift on you and they can be used again and again.

  • The thicker blue tape also saves me a lot of time with remedying brush slips at the edges. It covers more of the walls I don't want to paint which means I can be a little more rambunctious at the edges.

  • Have a wet rag handy for the brush slips to wipe them of immediately before they dry.

  • When doing multiple colors like this, you must wait for each color paint to dry before starting on the next one or you will have a mess on your hands at the transitions. The wait will force you to take breaks, which is also important so you don't go batty.

The other game-changer was swapping out the fan for this gorgeous light fixture called the Parallax from Blueprint Lighting (an ORC sponsor). I will get more attractive bulbs in there before the reveal but I was too eager to get it installed while I had Alec's focus over the long holiday weekend. The perforated metal shades in the pearl enamel with the articulating brass arms are a wonder. We all can't stop staring at it. Next week I will get the big furniture pieces in and it will feel more like the finished room.

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